FSC Liquid Cooled Quick Connector Change


Liquid cooled Quick change connector – body end/battery end Suitable for car body side, battery side, power changing station, mobile trolley and other applications.

Main technical indicators

Maximum channel volume flow ≥ 50 L/min
Fluid type 1:1 mixture of water and ethylene glycol
Working pres sure 0.5~1.0 Bar (recommended)
Voltage drop ≤ 0.25Bar (dual channel, Set flow rate of 50L/min)
XYZ flow X. Y: ≥ ± 8mm (without tilt angle)

Z:≥ ±5mm

Mechanical performance

Minimum Mating Cycles 10000 times
Combing strength (The spool is fully open) Electricity ≤ 400N

Environment performance

IP Degree IP68
Operation Temperature -40℃~125℃
Salt Spray Resistance 720H (mating state)

Reference standard

GB/T 5860
GB/T 8606
GB 4208
GB/T 38031
GB/ 7258
GB/T 30512
GB/T 18384.2

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