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Daily maintenance and repair of high-voltage connectors
Daily maintenance
05.15.2023 - Futronics

The daily maintenance and upkeep of high-voltage connectors are suitable for connecting 1140V~10kV power cable circuits in underground coal mining and excavation tunnels in coal mines. It can be used for wiring various types of UGSP monitoring shielding rubber sheathed cables during power supply in mobile substations. It can be connected at both ends of the cable for mutual insertion, or half of its explosion-proof connection part can be connected to the mobile substation. The following introduces the maintenance and upkeep of high-voltage connectors.

1. During the use and maintenance of high-voltage connectors, it is necessary to prevent collision or corrosion of the explosion-proof surface.

2. During the maintenance process, it is strictly prohibited to operate the high-voltage connector with electricity. After power outage, it is necessary to ensure that there is no residual voltage before disconnecting and disassembling any part. In addition to using reliable methods to discharge residual charges according to coal safety regulations, mobile power stations can also be used to attenuate discharge. The operation sequence is as follows:

2.1. Generally, before operation, the load switch should be kept closed, and the high-voltage switch should be opened with a "Do not close" sign or locked. Then, the connector should be operated. If there is feedback from low-voltage, the feed switch and load switch should be opened first.

2.2. If the load switch has been disconnected when pulling the high-voltage connector, mark or lock it before opening the high-voltage switch. First, close the load switch for at least one minute to fully discharge the residual voltage to ensure safety, and then perform necessary operations.

2.3. When reinstalling the high-voltage connector, the entire line must be plugged in before power transmission.

2.4. After unplugging the flange of the intermediate housing of the high-voltage connector, if it is necessary to maintain it for a period of time, it should be covered with a sealing cover and still sealed with a sealing gasket to prevent moisture intrusion.

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