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05.15.2023 - Futronics

According to the Shenzhen Urban Master Plan (2010-2020), Qianhai, Houhai, and Bao'an Central District jointly form the Qianhai Center. As one of the dual centers of Shenzhen, it mainly develops regional modern service industries and headquarters economy, and serves as a core functional area for deepening Shenzhen Hong Kong cooperation and promoting international cooperation. Due to its relatively small area (only 15 square kilometers), a considerable portion of its public service facilities have to be undertaken by surrounding areas. According to the plan, the Qianhai Shenzhen Hong Kong Cooperation Zone is expected to have an employment population of about 800000 people, but can accommodate only 300000 people. A large number of employees need to live in Nanshan and Bao'an. The Bao'an Central District adjacent to Qianhai can provide comprehensive industrial and living facilities for Qianhai.

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