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The Application of High Voltage Electrical Connectors and Wiring Harnesses in New Energy Vehicles
New Energy Vehicles
05.15.2023 - Futronics

With the arrival of the post subsidy era for new energy vehicles, technological development and operational innovation have become the top priorities in promoting the progress of the new energy vehicle industry under the current situation. On December 21st, Developing ideas for technological innovation in the post subsidy era The 2016 3rd China New Energy Vehicle Chief Engineer Technology Summit and the 2nd Operator to Vehicle Enterprise Procurement Exchange Conference with the theme of "New Energy Vehicle Chief Engineer Technology Summit" were grandly opened at the Shenzhen Zhonghai Kaili Hotel. This conference was hosted by the Electric Vehicle Resource Network and the China New Energy Vehicle Chief Engineer Technology Summit Organizing Committee, with hundreds of leading domestic OEMs, core component enterprises, operators, industry colleges and institutions from various fields gathering in Shenzhen to participate together An industry event specifically designed for new energy vehicle enthusiasts.

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